Applegater - July / August 2008

1 Connie Willson Young to say farewell to the Applegate (Cont'd p.12)
McKee Mercantille opens at McKee Bridge (Cont'd p.13)
2 Community Information (Cont'd p.3)
3 Community Information (continued)
4 Growing and shrinking trends
Brain Teasers
5 Oops in the garden
Tips on Summertime Sprinkling
Yoga for the garden
7 Forest management at the crossroads
8 Is there support for a wood waste drop-off point in the Applegate? (9)
9 Coastal birding
You want to smell like a man
10 THE STARRY SIDE: The heart and heat of Summer
11 Cantrall-Buckley Park Improvement Project
12 Connie Willson Young (continued) (Cont'd p.13 )
13 McKee Mercantille (continued)
Connie Willson Young (continued)
Tales of the Wild, Wild Applegate
14 BACK IN TIME: Food preservation
15 FARM TALK: No farms, no food.... Supporting Applegate Valley farms
16 Tall Tales from the Editor: Apple cider or D.C. lap dancers
18 Are we ready for fire season?
19 Prescribed fire in the Applegate: Its good for the land and good for the community
20 Can you identify this plant?
My nasty experience
Got starthistle?
Siskiyou Field Institute July Courses
21 Poison oak: prevention and treatment
Kristi Cowles makes her Applegate debut
22 SCHEDULE OF CLASSES: Jackson County Master Gardener Association and Oregon State University Extension Service
Upcoming OSU Classes
23 Hidden Valley High School recognizes excellence
24 Look whos reading the Gater!

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