Applegater - Summer 2011

1 New Applegate Trails Group [by Tom Carstens & David Calahan] (Cont'd p.20)
Farewell to our very own Ruth Austin [by J.D. Rogers and Sara Austin] (Cont'd p.4)
Another fun and successful fundraiser [by Paula Rissler] (Cont'd p.13)
2 What's inside the Gater
Information About the Applegater
3 Community Calendar
Progress update on the Middle Applegate Pilot [by John Gerritsma]
4 Practicing natural horsemanship [by Della Merrill]
Ruth (continued from page 1)
5 DIRTY FINGERNAILS AND ALL: Some kind of unconditional love [by Sioux Rogers]
6 APPLEGATE OUTBACK: MY OPINION: Six basic rules for rearing children [by Bob Fischer]
Technical and Financial Assistance Available for Landowners [by Erin Kurtz & Peter Winnick]
Voices of the Applegate
7 THE STARRY SIDE: Late summer and early fall [by Greeley Wells]
8 TRENDS AND OBSERVATIONS: Regret and relief [by Rauno Perttu]
9 Notes from a Rogue Entomologist: The The Oregon state insect - A tale of pests, pollinators and politics [by Richard J. Hilton]
Silver-spotted tiger moth [by Todd Murray] (Cont'd p.11)
10 Jackson County Library Services [by Joan Peterson]
Meet the new board of the Friends of Ruch Library
11 OSU Master Gardeners Association Classes
Moth (continued from page 9)
How to keep your hanging baskets blooming into the fall [by Judy Scott]
12 A simple classification of The Applegate Watershed trees [by Thomas Atzet and Ed Reilly] (Cont'd p.15)
Growing table grapes [by Robert Reynolds]
13 Fundraiser (continued from page 1)
14 TALL TALES FROM THE EDITOR: Focus or Salute [by J.D. Rogers]
15 Trees (continued from page 12)
16 Hiking the Applegate [by Janeen Sathre]
Growing agripreneurs: A farmer incubator program and partnership [by Melissa Matthewson]
17 MY OPINION FROM BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: Take a hike [by Chris Bratt]
Grapes (continued from page 12)
18 Cantrall-Buckley Park News [by Tom Carstens]
19 The Applegate then and now - Have we changed much? [by Sandy Shaffer]
20 Ticks and Lyme in the Applegate Watershed [by Julie Wheeler] (Cont'd p.22)
Trail (continued from page 1)
21 BACK IN TIME: Remembering an old log cabin [by Evelyn Byrne Williams with Janeen Sathre]
22 BIRDMAN: Bird guides know best viewing spots [by Ted A. Glover]
Ticks (continued from page 20)
23 Of sloths and men [by Jakob Shockey]
24 Look who's reading the Gater!

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