Applegater - Fall 2012

    Photo by Teya Jacobi

1 Your Applegater needs You!
TRENDS AND OBSERVATIONS: Lady lost [by Rauno Perttu] (Cont'd p.8)
Applegate Valley Days 2012 a success [David Laananen] (Cont'd p.22)
2 Recent donations to the Gater
Update: Applegate Dam hydroelectric project [by Margaret Della Santina]
Information About the Applegater
3 Community Calendar
Transparency and public involvement continue with Pilot projects [by John Gerritsma]
4 Upper Applegate Grange - Rechartered and revived [by Cynthia Cheney]
Get yer goat [by Maud Powell]
Family fun returns to Applegate's landmark swimming hole [by Chrisina DUane] (Cont'd p.21)
5 DIRTY FINGERNAILS AND ALL: Putting all your eggs in one basket [by Sioux Rogers]
Coins for Kitties
6 BACK IN TIME: To Victoria and return - Part One [by Evelyn Byrne Williams with Janeen Sathre]
Federal grant approved to restore McKee Bridge [by Robert E. van Heuit]
Poetry Corner [by John Taylor and A.G. Prys-Jones]
7 THE STARRY SIDE: Morning glory and shooting stars [by Greeley Wells]
8 TRENDS AND OBSERVATIONS: Lady Lost (continued from Page 1)
Long-time forest service hotshot Hugh Leslie dies
Excerpt from Jim Labbe's tribute to Jan Perttu
9 Tribute to Jan Perttu [by Daryl Jackson]
Tribute to Jan Perttu [by Jack Shipley]
10 Large wood in the creek: Love it and leave it [by Elizabeth Murphy]
Propagating, planting and partnering: Seventeen years of riparian restoration in the Applegate [by Janelle Dunlevy and Elizabeth Murphy]
11 Sanctuary One: A volunteer's story [by Della Merrill]
12 BIRDMAN: Summer visitors move on [by Ted A. Glover]
NEW: Classified Advertising
Fourth Annual AAUW fall garden tour
13 Notes from a Rogue entomologist: The sting of summer: Yellow jackets & paper wasps [by Richard J. Hilton]
14 Jackson County Library Services
Applegate Library[by Joan Peterson]
Ruch Library [by Thalia Truesdale]
Thank you from friends of Ruch Library
New offices for Jacksonville attorney
15 Great gardens start with Winter Dreams [by Marcus Smith]
Class Listing for the 2012 Winter Dreams Symposium
Highlights of the 2012 Winter Dreams Symposium
16 Thin for quality and health, not spacing [by Max Bennett and Stephen Fitzgerald]
17 Forest maintenance work leads to questions[by Sandy Shaffer]
18 TALL TALES FROM THE EDITOR: Janís flyer or I canít thank you enough [by JD Rogers]
19 Ruch School looking forward [by Margaret Della Santina]
APPLEGATER OUTBACK: My opinion: Gone fishin [by Bob Fischer]
June benefit at Red Lily Vineyards: Ruch School scores big [by Priscilla Weaver]
20 Applegate outdoor options [by Jacob Holden]
News from the Williams Community Forest Project [by Claudia Beausoleil]
21 MY OPINION FROM BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: I like it wild [by Chris Bratt]
Swimming hole (continued from page 4)
22 Cantrall-Buckley Park News
Applegate Valley Days (continued from page 1)
ATA holds monthly classes [by Tom Carstens]
23 Ruch bungalow - cozy getaway
Voices of the Applegate [by Joan Peterson]
24 Look who's reading the Gater

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  Remembering Jan Perttu's leadership [by Jim Labbe]  

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