Applegater - Winter 2013

    Photo by Virginia James

1 Almost there! McKee Bridge Historical Society receives two grants [by Robert van Heuit]
Election results: Thank you from the Applegate Valley Fire District [by Ed Temple]
Notes from a Rogue entomologist: There's a new stink bug in town [by Richard J. Hilton] (Cont'd p.10)
2 The making of my moth doll [by Rachel Myren]
Docile moth provides photo ops [by Linda Kappen]
Diana Coogle joins the Applegater Board of Directors
3 Who We Are / Our Mission
Donations to the Gater
What's Inside the Gater
4 Community Calendar
Movie review
Book review
5 Divide Camp update [by Julie Wheeler]
A journey of love for the Navajo Nation [by Brenda Miedma]
6 BACK IN TIME: My great-great Uncle Si McKee [by Evelyn Byrne Williams with Janeen Sathre]
7 THE STARRY SIDE: Never touch each other [by Greeley Wells]
8 DIRTY FINGERNAILS AND ALL: It's about thyme [by Sioux Rogers]
Garden Guide for the Rogue Valley - a great holiday gift for gardeners [by Marcus Smith]
Applegate Food Pantry benefits from Medford Food Project [by Arlene and Claude Aron]
9 Recipe for 'spaghetti with community sauce' [by Margaret Della Santina]
Local bread puddings elicit oohs and ahs [by J.D. Rogers, Mikell Nielsen and Barbara Holiday]
10 Cantrall-Buckley Park NEWS: Sizeable grant received from BLM [by David Laananen]
Stink Bug (continued from Page 1)
11 BIRDMAN: Bird cousins return in winter [by Ted A. Glover]
Stunning beautyberries: An elegant and useful shrub [by Jen Tietjen]
12 Local art from the soul - Gypsy Soul [by Haley May]
13 Three Applegate artists take their art in new directions [by Diana Coogle]
14 Redefining 'community' in the Applegate [by Sandy Shaffer]
Fuel-reduction assistance grants available for middle Applegate residents [by Brian Ballou]
15 Applegate Library [by Joan Peterson]
Ruch Library [by Thalia Truesdell]
Williams Library: A volunteer-supported community resource [by Danielle Schreck]
Grange Co-op and Rogue Co-ops announce $11,500 in high school scholarships available
16 A gift that makes a difference to Sanctuary One and to you [by Della Merrill]
Fire district operations levy passes - Volunteer firefighters needed [by Brett Fillis]
17 Grape Talk: Major influences in vineyard development in the Applegate Valley [by Debbie Tollefson]
18 OPINIONS: Logging for county funds is an economic loss [by Cheryl Bruner]
Voices of the Applegate Spring Concerts
19 OPINIONS: River Right: Pinball rapids [by Tom Carstens]
Wake up Southern Oregon! The wolf is among us in the form of proposed public lands legislation [by Jack Shipley]
20 Poisoned marijuana grows are silencing our forests [by Jakob Shockey]
Gen Y Worldview: Medicinal marijuana: Opening the floodgates of health [by Jesse Hart]
21 MY OPINION FROM BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: State of denial [by Chris Bratt]
Applegate Valley Community Grange news [by Janis Mohr-Tipton]
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Classified Advertising
Ruch School
Applegate School
Applegater Reader Survey (see Home Page to complete and submit this survey online)
23 Buying and selling real estate is not all about dollars and cents [by Jeanne Schattler]
24 Look who's reading the Gater

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