Applegater - Winter 2011

 1 - Growing grains on small farms [by Shelley Elkovich] (Cont'd p.3)
Fire Chief to you: We're at a critical point [by Sandy Shaffer] (Cont'd p.10)
Waldorf School forming in Williams Area [by Shauna Kenealey] (Cont'd p.17)
 2 - Information About the Applegater
 3 - Community Calendar
What's Inside the Gater
Grains (continued from page 1)
 4 - THE STARRY SIDE: Winter constellations [by Greeley Wells]
 5 - DIRTY FINGERNAILS AND ALL: The point being [by Sioux Rogers]
The Applegate Valley Animal Disaster Preparedness Committee: Whats next? [by Michele Brown-Riding]
 6 - APPLEGATE OUTBACK: MY OPINION: Looking back [by Bob Fischer]
 8 - TRENDS AND OBSERVATIONS: Floating freezers [by Rauno Perttu]
 9 - The Middle Applegate Watershed Landscape Restoration Pilot Project [by Jack Shipley & George McKinley]
Notes for Applegate Field trip on Dry Forest Restoration [by Dr. Jerry Franklin & Dr. Norm Johnson]
10 - Jackson County Library Services [by Joan Peterson]
Critical (continued from page 1)
11 - OSU Master Gardeners Association Classes and Events
12 - Community Fire Plan Update - New Priorities [by Sandy Shaffer]
14 - TALL TALES FROM THE EDITOR: Innocent eyes or Headache induced [by J.D. Rogers]
OPINION: Climate change is coming [by Chris Crawford]
16 - We got your goat! [by Robert Casserly]
OPINION: Siskiyou Crest Monument [by Diann Cody]
17 - OPINION: Time to tone down the rhetoric [by Laurel Sutherlin]
School (continued from page 1)
18 - SOMETHING TO CEREBRATE: High fructose corn syrup: Corn Refiners vs. Scientists [by Kate Morse]
19 - BACK IN TIME: Farming in the 40s, Part 2 [by Evelyn Byrne Williams with Janeen Sathre]
20 - Update on the Applegate Dam Hydroelectric Project [by Margaret Della Santina]
Residents' Statement Regarding the Applegate Dam Hydroelectric Project (Cont'd p.21)
21 - BIRDMAN: Duck fans rally 'round [by Ted A. Glover]
Dam (continued from page 20)
22 - MY OPINION FROM BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: Looking for work [by Chris Bratt]
23 - THE POSTMAN: Can you go grid-less for 30 days? [by Dr. Richard Alan Miller and Yvonne-Marie Zancanaro]
24 - Look who's reading the Gater!

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   Polio and Awakening  A Personal Story   (by Greeley Wells)

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