Applegater - Fall 2014

    Photo by Mikell Nielsen

1 Big changes coming to Cantrall-Buckley Park! [by Tom Carstens and David Laananen] (Cont'd p.2)
Grape Talk: What does the future hold for Applegate Valley wines? [by Debbie Tollefson] (Cont'd p.17)
Agriculture in the Applegate - the valley's pride [by Diana Coogle] (Cont'd p.12)
2 Thank you to everyone who made our 20th Birthday Bash such a success! [photos by Greeley Wells]
Cantrall-Buckley (continued from page 1)
Tom Carstens joins the Applegater editorial committee
3 Who We Are
A huge THANKS to our generous donors
From the Editor [by Barbara Holiday]
What's Inside the Gater
4 Community Calendar
5 Local women's land celebrates 40 years [by Billie Miracle]
BOOK & MOVIE REVIEWS [by Julia (Helm) Hoskins and Carlen Nielsen]
6 BACK IN TIME: Crossing the Applegate River [by Evelyn Byrne Williams with Janeen Sathre]
7 THE STARRY SIDE: Falling back into the night sky [by Greeley Wells]
Greeley's Sky Calendar
Siskiyou Field Institute fall classes cater to fungi fans
8 Free-range fun - try a Farm Stay! [by Caroline Milleson]
The scoop on CSAs and farmers' markets [by Don Tollefson]
9 DIRTY FINGERNAILS AND ALL: Unsolved mystery in the hen house [by Sioux Rogers]
10 Applegate forests: A product of human tinkering [by Jakob Shockey]
Old-growth madrones - watch for fairy rings [by Jakob Shockey]
11 BIRD EXPLORER: Wild owls and sustainable agriculture [by Peter J. Thiemann]
12 Notes from a Rogue entomologist: Introducing the Paragon, a pear born and bred in southern Oregon [by Richard J. Hilton]
Agriculture (continued from page 1)
13 Butterflies to enjoy before winter [by Linda Kappen]
14 Wildfire: Everyone has a role (but are they doing it?) [by Sandy Shaffer]
GMO Yogurt: How does your favorite brand stack up? [from]
15 Jackson County Library Services
Applegate Library [by Joan Peterson]
Ruch Library [by Thalia Truesdell]
Josephine Community Libraries
Williams library: The hub of the community [by Danielle Schreck]
Hats off to Applegate Library sale - Saturday, November 8 [by Carol Hoon]
16 Voices of the Applegate [by Joan Peterson]
The Tuxana corn story [by Jonathan Spero]
17 Humbug and Iron Creek: OWEB small grants make big impacts [by Barbara Summerhawk]
Applegate Valley Wines (continued from page 1)
The Rape of North Applegate Road [by Kristi Cowles]
Rogue energy consciousness [by Alan Journet]
River Right: Where flows collide [by Tom Carstens]
Government and climate change issues [by Alan Voetsch]
Here we go again... BLM'S Nedsbar Timber Sale [by Chant Thomas]
Climate crisis: A sympton of underpriced fossil fuels [by Camila Thorndike and Dan Golden]
21 MY OPINION FROM BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: Consider community [by Chris Bratt]
Harvest Fair to be held in October at the Grange [by Janis Mohr-Tipton]
Update from the Applegate Food Pantry [by Arlene and Claude Aron]
22 'Kitsch' not to miss: Annual Reedsport Chainsaw Sculpting Championship [by Julia Hoskins]
Reedsport, Father's Day Sonnet [by Julia Hoskins]
Applegate and Williams Schools welcome Principal Darrell Erb Jr.
Local artist Terry Ahola has been a winner at Reedsport
Happy 50th Birthday, National Wilderness Act [by Josh Weber]
Celebrating 50 years of wilderness [by Luke Ruediger]
24 Look who's reading the Gater

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