Applegater - Summer 2014

    Photo by Teya Jacobi

1 Applegater's Summer Birthday Bash
Look out for fire season 2014! [by Steve Ziel] (Cont'd p.14)
Recreation in the Applegate [by Diana Coogle] (Cont'd p.12)
Inside the Gater
2 Award-winning maple syrup prompts forest cleanup [by Laird Funk]
Gater volunteers retire
Meet Amber Caudell, the Applegaters advertising representative for Josephine County
3 Who We Are
A huge THANKS to our generous donors
From the Editor [by Barbara Holiday]
What's Inside the Gater
4 Community Calendar
One more hurdle for McKee Bridge [by Robert E. Van Heuit]
Breaking News: HOTEL HELL and the Applegate River Lodge
5 Little Applegate's Neds Bar Timber Sale [by John Gerritsma]
Thank YOU, Applegaters! Voters approve new service district [by Jack Duggan]
BOOK & MOVIE REVIEWS [by Julia (Helm) Hoskins]
6 Itís tour season at Sanctuary One [by Della Merrill]
7 THE STARRY SIDE: A tetrad of eclipses just for us [by Greeley Wells
8 WATER: Low flows forecasted on the Applegate River
9 DIRTY FINGERNAILS AND ALL: How dry I am or my tomato plant wants a beer [by Sioux Rogers]
10 Cantrall-Buckley Park News: Father's Day barbecue at Cantrall-Buckley Park [by David Laananen]
Applegate Trails Association inaugurates a new Applegate trail [by Diana Coogle]
The challenges and benefits of local trails [by Hope Robertson]
11 BIRD EXPLORER: Summertime and the bird living is easy [by Peter J. Thiemann]
12 Notes from a Rogue entomologist: A stranger in a strange land: Nabokov's southern Oregon sojourn [by Richard J. Hilton]
Recreation (continued from page 1) (Cont'd p.13)
13 The butterflies of summer [by Linda Kappen]
Recreation (continued from page 12)
14 Situational awareness: Everyone needs to have it! [by Sandy Shaffer]
Fire Season (continued from page 1)
Calling your fire departmentóor not [by Mike Kuntz and Brett Fillis]
15 Jackson County Library Services
Applegate Library [by Joan Peterson]
Ruch Library [by Thalia Truesdell]
Josephine Community Libraries
Williams library: Yard sale raises Adopt-an-Hour funds [by Danielle Schreck]
16 Poetry Corner: The Gardener [by Joan Peterson]
17 Grape Talk: Biodynamic wines [by Debbie Tollefson]
OPINIONS: Is natural gas the clean fossil fuel? [by Alan Journet]
19 OPINIONS: River Right: Driving cards for illegal immigrants? [by Tom Carstens]
OPINIONS: Genetic roulette anyone? [by Tom Klinefelter]
20 Legal marijuana in southern Oregon: now and later [by Haley May]
Summer hikes offered by Williams Community Forest Project [by Janis Bogdanovich]
21 MY OPINION FROM BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: Taking liberties [by Chris Bratt]
Applegate Valley Community Grange news [by Janis Mohr-Tipton]
Update from the Applegate Food Pantry [by Arlene and Claude Aron]
Ruch School [by Julie Hill]
Applegate School [by Linda Kappen]
Storytelling Guild's annual Children's Festival at Britt Gardens
23 Creativity and sustainability meet in new local business [by Melissa Matthewson]
24 Look who's reading the Gater

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