Applegater - Spring 2015

    Photo by Dakota Kappen

1 Joshua Morton: Hard-working artist-teacher gives back [by Diana Coogle] (Cont'd p.23)
Look Who's Reading the Gater (Cont'd p.24)
High extinction risk for Applegate coho [by Jakob Shockey] (Cont'd p.2)
2 Hurrah! McKee Bridge is restored! [by Robert E. Van Heuit]
Coho Extinction Risk (continued from Page 1)
Get published - and support a good cause!
Handcrafted 'Applecrates' for sale
Introducing... Greeley Wells, moviemaker
3 Who We Are
A huge THANKS to our generous donors
From the Editor [by Barbara Holiday]
What's Inside the Gater
4 Community Calendar
5 Revitalizing the Applegate Adaptive Management Area [by Don Boucher]
Open range: A history of questions and controversy [by Heather Murphy]
6 Takubeh reflects the local vitality
Locavores rejoice: New natural foods store in the Applegate Valley
7 THE STARRY SIDE: Fistful of data [by Greeley Wells]
Greeley's Sky Calendar
BACK IN TIME: Dad's scary hospital experience [by Evelyn Byrne Williams with Janeen Sathre]
8 Sanctuary One announces exciting expansions in 2015 [by Westi Haughey]
9 Fire season by the numbers? No way! [by Sandy Shaffer]
Wildland fire hazard fuel-reduction grants available
Become an Applegate Firewise Community
10 Cantrall Buckley Park News:
Art comes to Cantrall Buckley Park [by Jeremy Criswell]
ATA's plans for the Applegate Ridge Trail surge ahead [by Diana Coogle]
11 BIRD EXPLORER: Nesting songbirds in the Applegate [by Peter J. Thiemann]
12 Increased Lyme disease potential in western and southwestern Oregon [by Tim Gonzales]
Canine Lyme disease: Daisy's story [by Carol Hoon]
13 Enjoy these butterflies in flight through summer [by Linda Kappen]
14 SOLC's focus on the Applegate River watershed [by Craig Harper]
Got riparian? [by Barbara Mumblo]
15 Jackson County Library Services
Applegate Library [by Lisa Martin]
Ruch Library [by Thalia Truesdell]
Friends of Ruch Library needs board members [by Gerrie Leinfelder]
A friendly donation to FOAL [by Joan Peterson & Susan Bratt]
Josephine Community Libraries
Williams Branch Library [by Danielle Schreck]
Applegate Valley Community Grange [by Janis Mohr-Tipton]
Ford Institute Leadership Program
Applegate Food Pantry [by Claude and Arlene Aron]
For Love of the Applegate
Voices of the Applegate Spring Concerts
17 GRAPE TALK: The Wisnovsky family: Applegate wine pioneers [by Debbie Tollefson]
Notes from a Rogue entomologist
Wine grapes: Mealybugs and monocultures [by Richard J. Hilton]
A sustainable wine industry in the Applegate [by Daryl Jackson]
How government gets things done - whether you like it or not [by Jack Duggan]
River Right: Hot air intensity [by Tom Carstens]
Last chance for a stance [by Jesse Noone]
Controversy over Nedsbar Timber Sale spurs community alternative [by Luke Ruediger]
Let's use our imagination to create a better world [by Della Merrill]
21 MY OPINION FROM BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: The promise of community [by Chris Bratt]
Another smoky summer? Count on it! [by Rex Garoutte]
It takes a village [by Curtis and Peggy Mekemson]
Garden club update [by Linda Kappen]
Applegate School Robotics Team held its own in its first tournament [by Seana Hodge]
23 The Queen of Provolt reigns once again [by Laird Funk]
JOSHUA MORTON (continued from Page 1)
Pacifica Panorama: Here's what's happening at Pacifica
24 Look who's reading the Gater

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  List of advertisers for this issue  
  Map of coho salmon extinction risk (see page 1)  
  Map of Applegate Adaptive Management Area (see page 5)  
  Map of Applegate Ridge Trail (see page 10)  
  Map of Nedsbar BLM Alternative 4 (see page 20)  
  In Response to Being Mortal [by Margaret Perrow della Santina]  
  Book Reviews [by Julia Hoskins]  
  Movie Reviews [by Kathy Kliewer and by Mikell Nielsen]  
  Bringing biochar to your backyard [by Josh Weber]  
  Love of place can unite people [by Christina Lynn Martin]  

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