Applegater - Summer 2015

    Photo by Teya Jacobi

1 Fire report: This year the intensity level was higher [by Sandy Shaffer] (Cont'd p.8)
The solution is zero [by Heather Murphy] (Cont'd p.12)
Celebrate McKee Bridge Day
2 SUTA suits us, and ATA is at it again [by Diana Coogle]
Handcrafted Applecrates for sale
Discovering Pacifica: A garden in the Siskiyous [by Gabriela Eaglesome]
Pacificas Summer Day Camps
Get published - and support a good cause!
3 Who We Are
A huge THANKS to our generous donors
From the Editor [by Barbara Holiday]
What's Inside the Gater
4 Community Calendar
5 BOOK & MOVIE REVIEWS [by T. Carstens, J.H. Hoskins, and J.D. Rogers]
Voices of the Applegate
6 BACK IN TIME: First year of school [by Evelyn Byrne Williams with Janeen Sathre]
Sweet Madrone [by Lily Myers Kaplan]
7 THE STARRY SIDE: Once in a blue moon [by Greeley Wells
8 Making rural residential areas fire resilient [by Brian Ballou]
Intensity Level (continued from Page 1)
Ruch School students create firewise demonstration sites and learn how to be fire adapted
9 BLM impressed by Community Alternative effort [by John Gerritsma]
Report illegal burning
10 Cantrall Buckley Park News:
Turtle and trails are coming to Cantrall Buckley Park [by Heather Tugaw and Audrey Eldridge]
11 BIRD EXPLORER: The story of Acorn Woodpeckers [by Peter J. Thiemann]
Natures benefits and the Applegate AMA [by Don Boucher]
12 Oregon universities go environmentally friendly [by Melissa Rhodes]
Moving toward a zero waste lifestyle
Zero Waste (continued from page 1)
13 Winged beauties of summer [by Linda Kappen]
Cultivate your sense of wonder [by Kathleen Pyle]
Two crops for the price of one [by Jonathan Spero]
14 USFS taking action: Trash mars headwater streams of Applegate River [by Suzie Savoie]
Boy Scouts clean gravestones in Logtown Cemetery
15 Jackson County Library Services
Applegate Library [by Lisa Martin]
Ruch Library [by Thalia Truesdell]
Friends of Ruch Library seeks program ideas and volunteers [by Curtis Mekemson]
Josephine Community Libraries
Williams Branch Library [by Danielle Schreck]
Applegate Food Pantry [by Claude and Arlene Aron]
For Love of the Applegate
Applegate Valley Community Grange [by Paul Tipton & Janis Mohr-Tipton]
Wayside parking lot: Reflections from the GACDC
17 GRAPE TALK: Summer fun at Applegate wineries [by Debbie Tollefson]
Local winery addresses and hours
18 Geothermal: A cleaner, more efficient way to live [by Randal Lee]
19 The role of tour guide at Sanctuary One:
Telling stories of success on nature's stage [by Jill Townsley]
River Right: Peeling the onion [by Tom Carstens]
Natural history of climate changes [by Alan Voetsch]
Maple tapping season a bust [by Laird Funk]
21 MY OPINION FROM BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: Public lands under siege [by Chris Bratt]
Where have all the salmon gone? [by Rex Garoutte]
Applegate School is proud of student accomplishments [by Seana Hodge]
RUCH SCHOOL: Climate change:
Classroom, community, and environment merge [by Margaret Perrow della Santina]
23 Fire-resistant plants versus chocolate cake [by Sioux Rogers]
Dyers woad - unwanted in the Applegate Valley [by Barbara Mumblo]
Applegate Partnership throws its weight around [by Barbara Summerhawk]
24 Look who's reading the Gater

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  List of advertisers for this issue  
  First graders become published authors at Ruch Community School  
  Local heroes are special guests at this year's Childrens Festival  
  Lavender is a blooming business in the Applegate Valley  

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